About Us

The Village Church of St. George

Building Bridges – Seeking Peace

Building bridges of unity in a fractured community and creating a place of peace to wrestle with the discomfort of personal struggles, the pain of past traumas, and the overwhelming love of Jesus by being:

Intentionally Diverse – Not simply for diversity’s sake, but as a reflection of the community we are in and as a realization that diversity in Christ’s kingdom is central to the Gospel and not just an effect.

Intentionally Small – We believe in fostering a close-knit community where every individual is valued and cared for. While we aspire to expand the reach of our ministry and impact, we recognize the importance of maintaining personal connections. Thus, we prioritize multiplication and growth strategies to ensure effective care and support for all members of our congregation.

Intentionally Multiplying – As our group grows, we will move into other neighborhoods and communities around us, establishing similar discipleship communities.

Intentionally Modest – We desire that most of the funds that we are blessed with would flow through TVC and into the community.  It is appropriate for staff to be paid and for things to be cared for and maintained well, but it should never take away from the generous mission of our church.

Intentionally Outward – Time is spent connecting with the community and not just building up our organization.  In addition, as we work with the community we desire to connect with churches, businesses, and individuals who are already at work in the community.  There is no need for us to start and maintain ministries when people with different strengths are already succeeding in reaching out in these areas.

While our love for people is not contingent on how they respond to a call to follow Jesus, we do desire that through our love for one another and the people we serve, Christ’s Kingdom will grow on earth as people walk through the discomfort of seeing their sin in light of God’s love, accept the salvation that comes through faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and find peace in the comfort of living life in the Spirit as part of a community of believers.


“They will know you are my disciples by how you love one another.”

“…And they had all things in common…having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number…”

Our Pastor

Pete and Renee both grew up in the Charleston area. After 7 years serving with MTW in Bulgaria, they along with their girls, Leora, Sofi, and Luci moved back to St. George (where they had lived prior to Bulgaria) and continued the church planting work that had already been started by Pete’s parents.

Our Beliefs

The Village Church is part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Denomination. Our beliefs coincide with the beliefs of the EPC. For more information: EPC | A Global Movement of Evangelical Presbyterian Church. To discuss more about this please get in touch with us!

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